Human in the Digital World

The virtual world is no longer virtual in itself. The Internet and technologies are becoming essential components of people’s everyday lives and their relationships with others, both at work and at home. Challenges posed by the automation of jobs, the influence of  social media business models ,search engines, and other online services that constitute the basis of “surveillance capitalism,” force us to reconsider where people stand in the digital world. We pose the questions:

  1. Are new technologies  assistants or competitors to workers? Are we ready to exchange the privacy of our data for the convenience of services?
  2. How does life in the world of round-the-clock availability and “transparency” of everything affect us?
  3. How do we avoid getting lost in the constant and endless information flow, and better yet, how do we find answers to questions in which we are interested and avoid the stress imposed by those outside our intents.

Together with international partners, we aim at studying global challenges encountered by people in the modern world and developing a new model for the coexistence of natural and artificial intelligence.